Hey! I'm Daniel Dunn, I began shooting photos in 2003 at the age of 13. My passion for photography started in seeing how excited people get when seeing a great photo of themselves, which has grown exponentially now that I get to watch people react to their wedding photos every single week. I have always had a very creative mindset, and photography is the perfect outlet for me to express that. I focused on action sports photography for several years in my teens, and then moved on to automotive photography. Eventually, I stumbled upon live music/concert photography, which combined the best of every world for me - capturing energy in a photo at just the right moment with little room for error. Concert and music festival photography gave me the chance to see the country from some of musics' most incredible stages and I'm truly grateful to have spent 6+ years in that world. I'm now settled back into the Bay Area focusing on wedding and landscape photography full-time and loving every minute of it. If you're reading this and respect my work, I would love the chance to work with and share my passion for photography with you.